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I enjoyed the c-section

I just wanted to let you know that our baby was born on 23 December. Sorry for not writing sooner- its been a little hectic for obvious reasons!

You might remember that he was breech and you kindly gave me some advice that helped turn him. He later turned back and then went into a transverse lie position. We looked into all the options and tried an ECV (unsuccessfully) so in the end we decided that the safest thing was not to have our planned home waterbirth but to have an elective c-section, as the risk of cord prolapse was a concern.

We were disappointed that were weren’t able to have a homebirth but I can honestly say that the hypnobirthing techinques we had learnt were a real lifesaver. We both used them to stay calm and focused before and during the birth and I actually ended up enjoying the c section in a way that I would never have thought possible. I will definitely be using hypnobirthing again for our next baby, however the birth turns out.

He is a very calm and alert baby with lots of character, as you can see from the attached picture. We are absolutely besotted with him.

Thanks so much again for all your advice.

Best wishes,


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