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Home Birth Stories

Homebirth was the accepted way to give birth before childbirth became increasingly medicalised. This is slowly changing, with homebirths on the increase and midwives will often suggest and even encourage mothers to consider this as an option to give birth, particularly for second and subsequent low-risk pregnancies. If you have any questions about giving birth at home we have more details in our Homebirth Questions article.

Home Birth Stories

Wonderful and calm

This is the story of the birth of our son Daniel. I want to write this down for lots of reasons. First, for…

A dad’s perspective

As I write this, Daniel was born a week ago, following an eventful, emotional and stressful three days of labour. I want to…

I felt in safe hands

Thank you for all the suggestions and guidance I received on your course. First time round I had a new bathroom fitted instead…

Inspired me to train as a midwife

I remember when I met my midwife for the first time during my booking. She surprised me by asking where I would like…

Frances and Munir

I wanted to thank you in helping to transform an experience I was approaching with great trepidation into something beautiful and empowering. You…

I felt so empowered

Sam, 44, is a mother to four children aged 13, 8, 5 and 16 months old. After a traumatic first delivery, Sam vowed…

It was an intense feeling

After a somewhat medicalized hospital birth with my daughter 18 months ago, I approached the birth of my son with an open mind….

0 – 10 cm dilated in an hour!

My fiancé and I attended a weekend course at Guys and St. Thomas in November, and whilst we weren’t the most vocal members…
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