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Massive advocate of KGH

I wanted to write to you to let you know how it all went and to thank you for all your help. Imogen was born on 1st August at 4.18pm after a 13 hour labour. She was 8lb 4oz of lushness! Other than the fact she’s perfect, I am really happy to say that we managed to have an entirely natural birth at The Barkantine Centre. The midwife who looked after us was absolutely incredible (as were the other midwives) and she respected all our wishes so much so that I managed to give birth to Immy in the pool without any pain relief at all – not even paracetamol. I am certain that our hypnobirthing preparation (Joe was unbelievably supportive throughout – I couldn’t have done it without him) was integral to our experience. I listened to my iPod for what seemed like 12 of the 13 hours and pushed for the last hour accompanied by very guttural sounds! I felt in control throughout and listened to my body focussing on what was going on. I can honestly say that I found the first week harder than the labour! I think Joe would say the same.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I am so glad I managed to convince Joe to attend the course. He was completely sold by Hypnobirthing and is a massive advocate of the approach, so much so that he tells all our ‘expecting’ friends about it.  – Jo

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