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Father makes day 2!

Hi katharine,
Hope you are well.
I’m very much looking forward to the second part of the hypnobirthing course this sunday.

My boyfriend has managed to change his work schedule so is now able to attend too which is great, he really enjoyed the last session and we learnt so much. (Prior to the session both my birth companions were wary of my choice to birth at home, but after the class, both felt it had normalised what they had considered something quite rare – which has really taken the pressure off me trying to justify my reasoning)..

My other birth companion (my mother denise) is still waiting for my sister to go into labour (she is her birth companion), it could be any day now. If she hasn’t by sunday would it be possible for my mother to join us again for the class? I would really appreciate it if she could as she will be an important part of my birthing experience.

I wait to hear your thoughts

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