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It was “intense”

Dear Katharine

Lisa and I followed your hypnobirthing seminar over New Year’s and I wrote on 3 January to let you know that we  thought your seminar was great. Lisa was very much afraid of giving birth and the seminar had a very welcoming, calming and empowering effect on her. We practised relaxation and visualisation exercises nearly every day. I am writing to let you know that three days ago, Lisa gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Emmanuel.
Lisa and I have been overwhelmed by Emmanuel’s arrival and there have been a lot of tears of happiness. I wanted to let you know that from the start of the contractions to delivery, it took Lisa 9 hours to give birth to our son. She was amazing and did all of this on a single paracetamol. A complete star!

I wanted to thank you for the trust in herself and empowerment your seminar brought about. To say that it has changed her perspective on childbirth would be a gross understatement. The birth was calm, and the word that really comes to mind is not “pain”, although there were a number of painful moments, but “intense”. We kept on breathing, visualising the sea, focusing on the road ahead and the result is that the birth went really well and today we also have a calm, relaxed baby.

Thanks again for everything!

Best wishes


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