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A magical homebirth

Hi, my name is Carol and I am a mum of two a 4year old girl called Lily and a brand new 5 week old son called Samuel. When I found out I was expecting my son I was quite frankly terrified of giving birth after a bad hospital experience with my first.

A friend in work told me about Katherine Graves hypnobirthing and after looking on the web I invested in the books and cds. After studying the techniques and practising daily I decided to homebirth my son with hypobirthing and my lovely One To One midwife who supported me fully. I totally immersed myself in the self hypnosis and when the time came for Samuel’s journey into the world I was calm and confident and a completely different woman.

I had a magical homebirth, for the first 3 hours I lay on the couch in peace just breathing through the partner said I looked like I was asleep! Then I got into the pool and breathed my son into the world with no trauma. My midwife said she didn’t even believe me at first when I said he was coming until she checked me and there was his head!! I want to thank you for helping me give birth to my son in such a wonderful way and I would like to help others to achieve the experience I had so am going to re-train as a hypobirth teacher.  – Carol

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