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Inspired me to train as a midwife

cute kghypnobirthing babyI remember when I met my midwife for the first time during my booking. She surprised me by asking where I would like to have my baby. I answered: “At hospital of course!”

I had never considered I could or would have a baby anywhere else but in a hospital. It was only later in my pregnancy that a student midwife asked if I’d considered a homebirth that I realised it was a real possibility.

The more I thought about it and looked into homebirth, the more I decided “this is what I want”.

My husband wasn’t quite so enthusiastic, but after having a chat with my midwife and reading up on it, he agreed that it was a good idea. The reality was that it wasn’t just a good idea, but the best decision I’ve ever made.

I had a fantastic labour and wonderful homebirth, which consequently inspired me to train as a midwife myself.

Thank you so much (again) for letting me come along and observe/take part in your classes – they were brilliant!

Take care,

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