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This is what birth is about

I had heard of hypnobirthing prior to starting my midwifery training but since being a student midwife I have seen the powerful effects of relaxation and normality of birth versus the totally differently managed labour ward care. This has heightened my desire for normality and increased by interest in hypnobirthing.

I attended the hypnobirthing conference yesterday at the royal society of medicine and was blown away and especially by your talk which really resonated in me. It was fantastic to hear the others talking about their unit in Chipping Norton, surely this is what birth is about and how birth should be for everyone?!

I was wondering if there was any chance of coming along to one of your classes with the women? I would very much like to meet you again and hear more of their experiences and thoughts of hypnobirthing.

It was great hearing you talk yesterday, and I look forward to hearing from you soon, Kind regards


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