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I loved the course

I would just like to say how much I loved the course. I feel I had picked up a lot from my work as a midwife and MANY hypnobirthing mums but it was really great to consolidate this and gain more info on the breathing and scripts. I also found it really reassuring that you are teaching teachers to focus on achieving any birth not just a vaginal one and that this is still amazing!!! I was worried that it would be the opposite. It is actually very similar to midwifery training in that respect (focusing on allowing women to work with their bodies). This really is a fantastic program that I think all families should have access to!! The trainer was also absolutely BRILLIANT. I was so impressed how she balanced the teaching and made it accessible and relevant to us midwives but also the hypo mummies. She was incredible knowledgeable and answered more technical questions with expert precision and evidence base. 

 Anyway I just wanted to pass on how wonderful I think your program is and that i’m so excited to be a part of it.                                 Vanessa

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