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Birth Photo Competition Winner

The photos I have selected are from the home birth of my second daughter in May this year. It was a totally different experience from my first hospital birth and makes me smile with happiness every time I think back to it. I have just completed my degree and training to become a midwife, so I have been present in a number of hypnobirthing experiences. I grew to appreciate and admire the power and impact it could have on births and families, so my partner and I decided to take the course for ourselves. We both loved every aspect of it and it was incredibly beneficial for both pregnancy and the birth. We fell asleep on several occasions to the CD antenatally and it was on repeat for a considerable amount of time during my long latent phase. The bond it helped to form between us was my favourite part of the birth and I rarely allowed him to leave my side. My first born daughter was also present throughout, providing me with a cold flannel for my head and encouraging words. She was also probably the closest spectator as the baby was born, which made it even more special and memorable. She is now determined to be a midwife too one day and has a unique bond with her sister.

I would absolutely love to train as a KG hypnobirthing practitioner to complement my midwifery training. I truly believe it can benefit every woman and help to alleviate the fear many have of childbirth, especially as I have now experienced it first hand and seen it in countless times in practice.

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