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An Amazing and Enlightening Experience

Today was an amazing and enlightening experience, a day that i will treasure forever.

As i drove home, i felt a wonderful calmness surround me and for the first time, in as long as i can remember, i felt no fear.  No need to control my surroundings and relationships. My eyes have been opened, and i have seen how fear has been my constant companion through most of my life. Learning these meditations and ways to calm my thoughts are a lifesaver for me. My husband and babies will greatly benefit from this. Thank you so so much.

I spent the most wonderful evening with Francois and Juliette. It saddens me to realise how much of myself i haven’t been giving to them. I had a bath with my baby and really let myself open up to her in a way i have never been able to in the past. I wasn’t rushed and i wasn’t trying to dictate to her, what i needed from her. Instead i waited for her to set the pace and just let myself enjoy being with her. It’s amazing how she blossomed right in front of my eyes! She were chatting away and giggling, touching my face and talking to me face to face, the tip of her nose touching mine, talking right into my eyes. Her laugh was boundless and filled my heart with pride and a longing to give myself wholely to this little human child and to my husband. I’ve had a deep fear of intimacy, and i’ve been hurting the two people that mean the most to me.

Today, something has changed in my heart. I’ve found a path to true intimacy in your meditations. A release that i have been longing for. I have discovered a way to quieten my mind and go to a place where there is no fear and no boundaries.

I tried to explain everything i’ve learned today to my husband, but sadly i’m not the greatest of teachers. He is incredibly lovely and supportive of my choice to have a homebirth. But i’ve come to the realisation, that he needs to find his own way and make up his own mind about having a homebirth. Katharine, would it be possible for him to fill an empty space on one of your courses, as i highly doubt he’ll be able to come with me next sunday, and thus miss out on the whole seminar?

Again, thank you for today, you have given me a great gift. A tool that i will use throughout my life and that i will be teaching to my daughters and grandchildren. The gift of meditation.

Kind Regards and Love

Renscia x

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