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Baby wasn’t ready, until she was!

Our baby girl arrived safely and peacefully in her own time at home Saturday at 13.30 a few days after we spoke on the phone about my fears of induction. 

I will email you our birth story in case it helps others in the same situation but I wanted to let you know as the phone call we had really relaxed me and I made lots of plans that weekend and was happy with my decision to wait and sure enough baby came. 

I can’t thank you enough for giving us the information and empowering us to make the right decisions for ourselves. (Once again!) 

We had a wonderful water birth in 5h we were done and dusted and having some honey toast enjoying our baby’s arrival. She was 4.5kg and again the irony was that medical staff were so concerned about how “late” she was they totally forgot about the “big baby” argument so we had one less battle. 

I will keep recommending you to friends and family, you and your team are doing such an amazing job for all women and making such a difference. Another thing the midwives mentioned was she was covered in vernix which they say is not coming with a “late” baby so once again proof!

Nature knows it’s way and baby wasn’t ready until she was.


– Louise

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