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Homebirth to Hospital

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and practised every single day for three months. I found the practise very helpful in itself especially at the end when I was 12 days over due! It was a marvellous tool during those final days – I just lounged on my bean bag in the garden listening to my scripts feeling so positive and happy. I also found that doing them with my husband each night meant we both slept better than we ever have.

I had planned a home birth and despite eventually transferring to hospital was still very pleased to have started at home. I woke with gentle contractions – every hour or so – I carried on as normal and enjoyed a lovely sunday pottering around with my husband, buying flowers and enjoying the anticipation. After 15 or so hours they fairly suddenly became strong and regular – every 2 or 3 minutes – I enjoyed another 12 hours of home labouring – in the bath and on the floor of my bedroom. Our midwife was wonderful, sitting downstairs and just popping up to check on us every so often. 7 hours after established labour began my cervix was fully dilated on one side but hardly open on the other side – I gave it another 8 hours at home but eventually my contractions started to peter out without effecting the other side of my cervix.

I decided to go to hospital to have my waters broken and once there opted for an epidural. The pushing stage went well but the baby showed signs of distress after a couple of hours and they used forceps to bring her out.

Despite it not being exactly as I had planned – no tea and crumpets in bed

20 mins after birth!! I was still extremely pleased I had opted for a homebirth. It was a wonderful (and wild!) experience and I will choose a homebirth for my second baby should I be lucky enough to have another child in future.

My beautiful baby daughter is 4 months old now and really is the light of my life.


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