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I can’t recommend KGH enough

I have a little boy who is now six months old. When people have asked me how my labour went I tell them how much I would recommend KGHypnobirthing. Myself and my partner took one to one classes, we thoroughly enjoyed them, as it was great for getting my partner involved in my pregnancy and giving him a role during the labour which I think is so important as sometimes partners can feel helpless. He kept me calm throughout the labour and also kept distractions and intervention to a minimum which kept me focused on my breathing and labour.

Before the labour itself I had the affirmations around the house and also played the tracks each night. I think this prepared me mentally for the labour, as when my waters broke two week early I didn’t panic as I knew my body was ready and I had prepared as much as possible beforehand. The labour itself was the best experience of my life, I had a water birth whilst listening to the Magic Carpet on repeat!!

A quick 4 and a half hour labour in total, from my waters breaking to meeting my son. I believe the tracks, breathing techniques, my partner supporting me the midwives and pool/aromatherapy all contributed to a pleasant labour experience without pain relief and a very small amount of tearing. I can’t recommend KGHypnobirthing enough, thank you!  – Chantel

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