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It was better and more informative than I could have hoped for

I just wanted to formally thank you and say how much I enjoyed the hypnobirthing course last weekend at St. Thomas’s. It was better and more informative than I could have hoped for and I’m describing it to anyone who asks as a life changing experience. I am now looking forward to labour and much more confident that I can do it, even before I’ve done the practice. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was really only there as I figured I had nothing to lose. What I never realised was how much I had to gain. If I’m honest I was a bit sceptical but I went with the recommendation of a friend and am so pleased I did. I liked the way the course was structured and the combination of information, relaxation techniques, video example and humour made it really fun and interesting. The combination of you and Kimi was also great and really helped the information stick. It was so personal too despite how many people were in there, I didn’t feel like I was being told that the NHS was wrong but more that I had options and that it didn’t hurt to ask.

I can’t wait to tell you my birthing story in march / April, even if it doesn’t go to plan I know the course will help me.



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