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It was the most blissful birth that I could ever have imagined

Dearest Katherine,


As a result of the belief and confidence that you instilled in us and in me I managed to stand up for our rights despite the hospital and indeed national policy of inducing a pregnant woman ten days after her due date.  We listened to my body – which was gave us a due date worked out in accordance with my last period (rather than the due date that the hospital deduces from a scan).  Thus, despite being due on the first of August, we were still awaiting our baby on the weekend of the 12/13th of August (which is when we spoke).  On the afternoon of the 16th my mucus plug came out, and a few hours later (with a acupunture session in between) my waters broke (at 10pm).  By midnight I felt ready to go to hospital as I had not left the bathroom since my waters, and thought that I probably would not want to move if I did not move then. At 12.30am we arrived into hospital, and after labouring until 4am I was let into the water pool which had become available.  At 7am I was told that I was slowing down and to get out of the water, but again, I listened to my body which insisted that I stay in the water, and our beautiful baby boy was born half an hour later – calmly and peacefully.  I did tear (but perhaps this is because babies are bigger now or the final stage was less controlled given his head was stuck for half an hour and it was hard to judge when the last push was) but the records I saw later showed that I had no pain relief apart from water, and it was the most blissful birth that I could ever have imagined and we have a beautifully blissful baby:)


I really cannot wait him to meet you and visa versa.  I also am telling the world about you.


I love you for the confidence that you instilled in me and our next child (I feel ready for it again already) will be born at home.


All my love, respect and admiration for your calling and your efforts.



My top tips –

Don’t listen to others (esp scary) birth stories

Know that you are different and nothing that you have seen before you needs to define you and your experience

That your pregnancy and birth will reflect in your child

That you can bring your best to your child

To believe that you are being aided by the universe!

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