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Kristina, Banstead

Having spoken to the other mothers from NCT, I think I was very lucky with the birth of Elena – the experience was absolutely magical!!!  Elena and I remained very calm throughout, and she arrived with just the help of a midwife.  The room was softly lit, and the atmosphere was so calm it was surreal – absolutely amazing!!  The midwife was amazed at how Elena was so chilled after her arrival and best of all not only recognised my voice but that of her Dad.

Elena continues to be a lovely baby.  My mother-in-law took a photo of her crying just to prove that she does sometimes. 

I am sure that the techniques we learnt at HypnoBirthing were instrumental in our wonderful birthing experience.  Both Pete and I were so calm throughout which I am sure is why Elena continues to be such a contented little baby. 

Thank you so much for enabling us to have the birthing experience which we will cherish.


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