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Liliana’s Hypnobirthing Experience

Hi Katherine,

We wanted to let you know that we had our David on 6th November 2009 that was exactly his due date, everything was marvelous we followed the Hypnobirthing techniques and had the best experience ever.

We took the October Hypnobirthing sessions so had just 1 month left for reading the book listening the CD and practicing the relaxation techniques we came across to the Hypnobirthing quite late but anyway decided to do it as definitely we wanted a labor to remember we did not want to be like some couples that don’t want to speak about it due all they passed through so we wanted something special for remembering and telling everybody and definitely we did it.

At the beginning we though it was going to be complicate because English is not our mother tongue I don’t know if you remember, we asked you about it as we are from Colombia and speak Spanish so for that reason we though it wasn’t going to be the same for us that for the other people in the group, we decided to translate the scripts and my husband read them to me in Spanish however I listen the English CD everyday we did not translate that.

We had our baby at St. Hellier Hospital my water broke at home at 3 am in the morning so we went to the hospital, the initial idea was having the baby in water but my blood pressure was a bit high so they didn’t let me do it, anyway, once we were on the labor room we spoke to the midwife about our birth preferences explained her that we wanted a natural birth so she was so supportive and told us that she wasn’t going to say anything and would let me follow my maternal instinct as I wished, that was great as we knew it that everything was going to be as we wanted.

I use some gas and air and must say that that was impressed to myself as was afraid wasn’t going to be able to concentrate and relax at the hospital but even though I heard some women from the other rooms screaming I was deeply relaxed and didn’t feel any discomfort, every time that a surge came what I did was just breath like the way you taught us and imagine that my belly was a balloon, that worked perfectly.

I had my baby at 12:30 PM, natural delivery no interventions which I was amazed having into account that my baby wasn’t in the right position as he was back to back also whilst I was in labor the doctors came in as they pay special attention to women with the blood pressure high but the midwife sent them back saying that I was controlling everything perfect and that I was so relaxed so my blood pressure was perfect didn’t go any higher.

Dave was born very calm, they handed him to us so my husband and I enjoyed a skin to skin contact which was an unforgettable experience.

We wanted to thank you as we got what we wanted – an amazing, happy an unforgettable experience that have shared with everybody, actually we told some friends and they have already gone to your course on February and have another friends that hopefully will go in some months, even we shared our experience with a friend in Hong Kong who was thinking to have a c-section and after listening our experience ended up following the Hypnobirthing techniques.

We are so happy and would love everybody was aware that labor is a natural process and would have an enjoyable and happy experience as we did.

Thanks again
Dave, David and Liliana

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