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My birth was the best birth

It’s currently 5am and I am up feeding my beautiful daughter, she arrived 5 days ago and it crossed my mind that I had not emailed you to say a huge thank you!

My birth was the best birth that I could have had and the run up to it was relaxed and confident (unlike many of my friends’), thanks to you!

My partner was relaxed, confident and assertive, he knew what to expect and supported me all the way through. My little girl is just perfect and although the birth was a little touch and go at the end, I did not have any painkillers and she arrived with no intervention. I managed to leave off going to the hospital until I was 7cm- something which, for a first timer is unusual, I understand and surprised my trainee midwife.

I managed to talk through my contractions until very late on and at no point lost it, which also surprised my trainee midwife. With three hours of pushing, I managed to get my little one out with no intervention (she was 7lb 14, I am a size 8) again surprising the midwives who were edging to take me to theatre at the very end. I attribute much of this to you and your book/tracks. I am very proud of myself, my partner and my little girl. I should also add, as I wrote this a little while after a few false starts, I am now breast feeding my little one and have lots of milk! We’re still listening to your breastfeeding track together on the bed in the afternoon, a moment of calm! Bliss! Many, many thanks,


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