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Overwhelming and Wonderful

I can’t remember now if I emailed you since Geoff and I attended your wonderful hypnobirthing course.

We had a beautiful baby boy called Huxley. He was born at home in a water pool. I didn’t have any medications etc. Just used your hypnobirthing techniques.

I listened to your CD most days for the two months before Huxley was born. I found it very relaxing and putting time aside to listen to it each day meant I was able to simply lie there and relax for half an hour every day, which was wonderful.

To be honest, the birth was a little overwhelming and I forgot everything you taught us! But luckily Geoff didn’t, so he kept reminding me to breathe.

If we hadn’t come on your course I don’t think I would have been able to have had the wonderful birth experience that we did.

Our son Huxley is always smiling and laughing and I truly believe that is because he had such a wonderful birth experience.

So thank you!

– Zoe x

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