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Dear Katharine
Thank you so much for all your support a couple of weeks ago, it was really a lifeline when I felt absolutely at my lowest.  You made it possible for me to pick myself  up off the floor and recover from the ghastly doctor doom. I had a  lovely meeting with the head midwife for the birthing  centre – she said all the things I needed her too  –  including that  my baby was the right size for me and that I should stop monitoring my blood pressure because I was just fine!! She has moved my ante- natal care to her which is lovely and the atmosphere of the centre is  very calm. My baby is getting nicely into position. We are  practicing all the relaxation and breathing techniques and the cd wakes us up in the morning and sends us to sleep at night.

Thank heavens I came to your class and had you to turn to!

I do think it is a good idea to say more about independent midwives in your classes, although in a way we probably all need to know more about this option earlier than that. I would not have believed that doctors could have behaved in this way until it happened to me. I would certainly tell people to save up and plan to go with an  independent midwife and not go near those terrible consultants with a  barge pole! I will of course send you my birth story in a few weeks

All the best

Paula, London

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