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KGH goes further than the birth

“I’m writing to share my experience having my third baby, and my thoughts on my whole hypnobirthing experience. Five years ago I did your parent course with my husband to prepare for the birth of our first baby. We’ve since been blessed with three beautiful healthy babies. They each came into the world just as we planned, swimming into my arms in the birthing pool after a calm, drug-free, natural labour. Four months ago I experienced this for the third time when my daughter was born.

It was an exhausting pregnancy which got even tougher when I found out she was in the breech position at 30 weeks. I remembered your words and tried to remind myself that a baby is not “breech” at 30 weeks, it’s just a baby who hasn’t turned yet. Still I thought best to do all I could to help her turn. I followed all of your recommendations including listening to self hypnosis recordings several times daily and asking her every day to get into the best position for birth. Thankfully at 36 weeks she had decided head down was an easier way out, and when the time finally came she made a very swift and easy exit in 2 hours flat.

To say hypnobirthing has had a profound impact on me and my babies is an understatement. For me the real impact of hypnobirthing goes much further than the birth itself. All three of my children have been the most angelic babies you could imagine. My daughter breaks all the records – she is the most calm and content little girl in the world and has slept incredibly well since birth. After three angel babies, people stop saying “you’re so lucky” and start asking “how do you do it?”. I have absolutely no doubt that hypnobirthing has given my children this gift. It has also had an incredible impact on me personally. I find I am much calmer in general and particularly in stressful situations. I really feel that all the practice I put in and the empowering birth experiences I had have rewired my brain. I’ve been so affected by my hypnobirthing experience that I’ve now decided to change my career – I took your teacher training course and plan to leave my job to teach KGH to other expectant parents, hoping to help other families in the way that we’ve been helped. So thank you for everything you’ve done for us and for so many others.” Claire, October 2019.

If you are interested in training to be a KGH teacher to help other mothers have a positive birth experience like this, visit our teacher training page here

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