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Is your baby really breech?

Katharine Graves shares her view:

“Women who are going to do the KG Hypnobirthing class sometimes say to me, “I’m going to have a caesarean because my baby’s breech”. And quite frequently, people say that to me pretty early on in pregnancy, from 25 to 30 weeks.

I want you to know that at that stage of pregnancy, you do not have a breech baby. It’s simply a baby that hasn’t turned yet.

At that stage, babies are swimming around, doing their own thing, perfectly happy and the vast majority – all except about 3 or 4% – will have turned into the head down position by about 35, 36, 37 weeks.

So, if you’ve heard somebody, maybe when you’ve had a scan say “oh, the baby’s breech” and it’s very early in your pregnancy, just remember, it’s simply a baby that hasn’t turned yet and it is very, very likely, most of all likely, to turn, ready to be born by about week 35.”

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