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Suzanne Shaw’s KG Hypnobirthing Video Interviews

We are extremely proud to announce that to celebrate the birth of actress Suzanne Shaw’s baby using Hypnobirthing, we have three candid interveiws to share of Suzanne talking to Katharine Graves.  The next interview will be released in a few days.

Suzanne Shaw: Talking about a fathers role in hypnobirthing

In this interview Suzanne gives a fascinating account of how Sam played a keyrole in the birth of their son.

“What is great about KG Hypnobirthing and having your own independent midwife and birthing at home, is that it gives the opportunity for the fathers to be more involved than they would ever be.” 

“I think Sam thought the whole experience was brilliant because he was informed about everything, he made decisions with me. He had that experience that a father does not get to have, as close to a father actually getting to do the hard work of pushing!”

“It builds a massive trust between both of you and I lent on Sam a lot. Would I have done this if I had gone the hospital route? Probably not, because it would have been the doctors I would have lent on. Sam was so educated and so informed and we were in it together. It was me and him who were going through this experience that really helped us bond. It was our little thing, it was very very special.” 

“Virginia, our independent midwife, before I went into labour, went through the scenario of giving birth in case she did not make it. She told us everything we needed to know. Because Sam was so educated he said ‘I kind of don’t mind if that happened, just you and me on our own.’
I thought ‘wow!’ From day 1, when I found out I was pregnant to know, you have completely done a U-turn.”

“If I could just get two or three more people to have this experience I have done my job. It is very difficult to preach to a women that you should do it this way, you have to tentatively say, that from my experience you really should.”

“Hopefully I have helped raise the awareness of having children at home, doing KG Hypnobirthing and having an independent midwife……it is so worth it.”

Suzanne Shaw: After my birth I wanted to jump into my own bed and have a cup of tea.

In the second interview with Katharine Graves, Suzanne Shaw talks about her decision to have a homebirth and how hypnobirthing empowered her to make that decision.

Suzanne Shaw on her homebirth: “After my birth I wanted to jump into my own bed, have a cup of tea and some jam and toast and watch TV. And that is what I did”

“I was always going to go to hospital, I felt safe there and thought that is what you should do. I think it was an assumption it would be safer, if anything goes wrong it is all there.”

“You’re not informed about the benefits of homebirth at all. A women wants to be in her own environment in a safe place to be able to have the best possible labour. And you’re not educated on that, you are not given that information.”

“It was just a brilliant experience. I will always look at this kitchen and go ‘this is where Raffi was born.’ I think it was the best possible place to have a child. And the NHS are really encouraging you to have your children at home.”

“I had the pool up and I could jump in and out of it, I didn’t have anyone else distracting me, I wasn’t hearing other people going into labour, I had the music on, I had the lighting how I wanted it. My Mum was hear as well and we had a great bonding experience. Before I got into the pool we watched about four movies that day. Then I jumped into the pool and when I went into active labour that is when I put all my hypnobirthing CDs on.”

“I said goodnight to my son and he went off to bed and he woke up to a little brother.”

“I had two independent midwives Virginia and Jackie and they were absolutely fantastic.  That continuity brings safety, if something happens, that midwife knows your body and knows exactly how you have been developing during your pregnancy and that all helps.”

“Also I felt comfortable, it is a really private and intimate thing birth. Last time I had four different midwives examine me. In the end my pride has completely gone out the window. It was a very intrusive experience. Having the same person and getting to know them made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

“You don’t want the interference, that is one thing I learnt with hypnobirthing.”

Suzanne Shaw: I found the whole hypnobirthing an incredible experience.

In this candid video interview Katharine Graves talks to actress Suzanne Shaw about her experience with learning and using KG Hypnobirthing for the birth of her son Rafferty.

“It is all about putting yourself in the right frame of mind, positive thinking, visualization, affirmations and just believing it is actually possible and practising that on a daily basis.”

“Raffi’s birth was brilliant, the birthing pool was fantastic.  I was in active labour for 7 hours, 5 and a half I could say it was close to pain free. When I needed to start pushing was when I felt, this is labour, this is giving birth.”

“But because I had prepared myself, my breathing was in the right place, my mind was in the right place, my thought process was in the right place, I went with it and it was an incredible experience.”

“Afterwards I felt this overwhelming feeling of empowerment and the fact that I could just dance on the roof and think I could actually do anything, I am a super hero!”

Suzanne was supported by her fiancée Sam Greenfield and enjoyed a home water birth. 

Looking back Suzanne is thankful to hypnobirthing for more than just an incredible birth experience.

“I found the whole hypnobirthing an incredible experience… much so that it has completely changed my outlook on life now, how I approach life and what kind of mother I am.”

“Before I was quite a stressed out mother, quite neurotic and paranoid.  Now I think the positive way of approaching things and the way I approached my birth experience has made me approach life differently.”

“I think that that was the start of my new journey in life is the fact that I felt so empowered the fact that I achieved something I would never have thought I would have been able to do without drugs.”

Suzanne’s birth with her first son Corey was a very different experience and contributed to some of her fears for her second birth. 

Working with KG Hypnobirthing Suzanne learnt to release any fears and consequent tensions and replace them with positive learnings including breathing, visualizations, relaxations and affirmations. 

Describing what really made the difference to her second birth; “I think the practise of the technique itself and the meditation and relaxation.” “Thinking positively and the stickers I put up all around me to think positively.”

KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training and gives couples the tools and the knowledge they need to enjoy the best natural child birth for them.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with Suzanne and thank her for sharing her beautiful birth story.


Suzanne’s second Hypnobirthing interview – “Homebirths”, and the third interview – “Fathers”, will be published on this web site during the next few days.

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