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Sandi Thom: ‘The KG Hypnobirthing techniques I learned really helped me relax through my labour’

Scottish singer song writer Sandi Thom recently announced on Twitter the birth of her beautiful son Logan Cali Benson.  Prior to the birth Sandi had declined an induction and tweeted: 

‘Still here!  Said no to induction.  Baby will come when baby is ready!’

I was very privileged to introduce hypnobirthing to Sandi and her husband Matt.  After the birth Sandi commented:

I’m proud of giving birth to such a well-sized baby.  The KG Hypnobirthing techniques I learned really helped me relax through my labour.’

To find out more about Sandi’s music please visit her website here.  She has a recently released single entitled ‘Earthquake’ and will be back touring soon.  

Singer Sandi Thom: How Hypnobirthing has changed my perceptions on birth

Talking to Katharine Graves, Sandi describes her experience:

“I feel very confident and relaxed….for something that is sometimes associated with a lot of fear and negativity. This is my first baby so this whole experience has given me a much more calm approach. The fact that you feel in control as well is really important. It is very simple at the end of the day but very effective…. I am looking forward to giving birth now.”

Sandi talks about how taking the Hypnobirthing course has changed her views:

“Definitely in my perception which is probably because of the stories I have been told and the things the media feed you, scenes in movies……I was watching ‘Look Whos Talking’ the other day, the scene in the back of the cab and she was screaming and her waters breaking, all these kinds of things are what you have as a preconceived idea of childbirth.”

“I feel very informed and educated about the physical experience and how effective my mind can be.”

“I think it is great as it is something you can take into life. Every facet of your life you can use it.”

“When going on stage the fear comes from the anticipation, the actual experience itself is the really enjoyable part when you walk on stage…..for me that is something quite natural so therefore my anxiety over it disappears.”

“If you think about childbirth it is the same thing, women were built to have children so intuitively we should allow ourselves to take control.”

On his role supporting Sandi, Matt Benson:

“I did not realise how much was involved from a father’s point of view… is all about the relaxation and how Sandi can get herself into a great state. My role is critically important. I am really enjoying it.”

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