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KGH Parents

Paula Lane and husband Tom Shaw share their KGH experience

Hypnobirthing – A Father’s View

KG Hypnobirthing – ‘A Magical Experience’

Susie and Matt’s Birth Story

The Hypnobirthing Course

Katharine asks Susie what she thought about KG Hypnobirthing’s course.

All Videos from Susie and Matt’s Birth Story:

Jo and Matt’s Birth Story

Why use Hypnobirthing?

Reasons why people choose Hypnobirthing for an easier, safer, and more comfortable child-birth.

All Videos from Jo and Matt’s Birth Story:

Jessica’s Birth Story

Choosing Hypnobirthing

Jessica speaks to KG Hypnobirthing’s Katharine Graves about why she chose hypnobirthing.

All Videos from Jessica’s Birth Story:

KGHypnobirthing Father Andrew Lovell talks with Katharine Graves

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