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Royal Society of Medicine Hypnobirthing Presentation 1

In this presentation to the Royal Society of Medicine, Katharine talks about the importance of the father during the childbirth process.

Katharine is introduced to the RSM Conference, and gives a presentation about Hypnobirthing.
She talks about her career as a Hypnobirthing teacher, and offers midwives the opportunity to learn more about Hypnobirthing.
She reads a Birth Report, having said that it was very difficult to choose the right birth report.

Hypnobirthing is a term that is generally used for Hypnotherapy for Birth. The growth in Hypnobirthing has been incredible.
Mothers hear about Hypnobirthing and want to do it. Fathers hear about Hypnobirthing and them come on the course.
The mother hears that it will be painful and then uses Google to find out about Hypnobirthing. The father then learns that not only do they have to pay for Hypnobirthing, but he also has to come along.
They arrive at the course with scepticism, Katharine feels that scepticism is OK, you don’t need to believe in Hypnobirthing for it to work.
The father’s role is to keep the mother in a calm safe space during the birth, and also to help her keep her mind focused on her visualisations.

It is important for Fathers to understand that there is a logic behind Hypnobirthing, this makes it easier for them to appreciate, in our society where a rational explanation is strongly favoured.

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