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Larissa, Sunbury

An account of the birth by Larissa, after her HypnoBirthing Course.

“Strong surges were happening about 3 minutes apart from 3pm (I wasn’t expecting to go into labour in the day!) so I called Mark home from work.  A friend picked up my eldest son from school for me.  When Mark got home he was packing a bag for the boys to take with my sister who was going to look after our boys for us. 

They left at about 4.30 and then it was just Mark and I.  Mark filled the birthing pool whilst I listened to the CD you gave us.  I spent some time on the birthing ball as the pool wasn’t quite filled, where my waters broke with the circular movements I was making. 

I then had a shower, visualising roses opening and repeating my affirmations silently.  And then I went in the birthing pool where Mark had drawn the curtains, prepared the perfect temperature…it was bliss.  At about 6.30 I had to empty my bowels so I went to the toilet and felt the first stage of baby coming down.  The midwife then turned up at 6.50 and asked if I was pushing and I said, ‘Yes, I was,’ so Mark helped me back to the pool.  She was born in the birthing pool, which was fabulous, at 19.10.  We were all very chilled out…including Isla.  The midwives didn’t get to us until 20 minutes before the birth, which made it a very intimate experience with just Mark and myself – absolutely amazing. 

Mark tells me I didn’t make a sound except for 2 grunts shortly before Isla entered the world.  Neither he nor the midwife knew I was pushing.  I told them baby was coming and about 1 minute later she was out – I had to tell the midwife she was out.  There was only a very short period of time during the labour where it seemed like the power would be too much and I knew I was transitioning at that stage and just allowed it to pass, telling myself how relaxed I was and how happy I was that my baby was coming really soon.

Mark was amazing – breathing with me during surges, giving me water, preparing our boys, perfectly preparing the pool, encouraging me to change position, telling me how amazing I was, doing the light touch massage (which I asked him not to do during the transition phase for some reason I didn’t want it then).  But he was incredible.  I am so lucky to have him.

I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone, home birthing and water births.  This combination of things made the experience wonderful.  All in all the birth was about 4 hours but as the midwife wasn’t there to check how dilated I was, I couldn’t tell you if that time was all established labour or not!

Thanks for everything, again, Katharine.  I think what you do for us preggie ladies and partners is truly amazing and think that all pregnant women/couples should go to your classes to prepare them for this miracle.  Isla’s birth was a magical and wonderful experience and I feel blessed to have such an amazing birth.”


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