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Sean, Bath

My wife got the home birth that she really wanted and she coped with no pain relief, just relying on the HypnoBirthing techniques from your classes.  The first significant surges started about 24 hours before the baby made an appearance with the midwives giving an official labour length of 10 hours.

The midwives were fantastic and let us get on with things.  They did say that we were a perfect couple and hoped we would have another baby.  They thought that my wife was in total control of things and her notes say that the mother was calm throughout.  The baby was so much more active and alert than his older brother who was born in hospital with much more medical intervention and the inevitable drugs.  The difference between the two babies behaviour was very noticeable.

I just wanted to say thank you for the classes and the skills you gave us.  They certainly had a huge effect on the birth and my wife is so happy to have given birth at home, naturally.


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