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Chloe, Salisbury

I had my daughter after only five hours of labour, giving birth totally naturally and without any pain relief, in an inflatable pool at home with my husband. I used my HypnoBirthing techniques throughout the first stage of labour, and found it immensely helpful – not only for pain relief, but also in terms of feeling prepared for the birth and looking forward to the event with positive anticipation.

When my labour began in earnest, I had the relaxation music playing, and found the visualisation invaluable. It was lovely for my husband to have a defined role, and we both felt that we were really experiencing the labour together.

I continued to use the HypnoBirthing techniques after the birth, as I found the relaxation very useful in getting me off to sleep when my mind was full of thoughts and the excitement of having a new baby. I have also never found it easy to nap during the day, and this helped me to achieve a daytime rest – even if I didn’t go to sleep I felt relaxed and refreshed.


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