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Dear Katharine

Alex and I wanted to thank you SO much for such an enjoyable course over these last two weekends.

Not only do we feel that it has equipped us with the skills we need during labour and birth, but we think it has taken out some of the anxiety of actually being parents. My husband also feels that he could use some of the skills for other areas of his life.

The structure and content of the course flowed so well and you covered everything in such a way that was easy to understand and listen to.  Your own relaxed attitude towards natural childbirth put us at ease and, although I had told Alex some of the things you mentioned in the course, hearing them from somebody experienced (you) somehow seemed to help him believe that natural childbirth was possible and that if you gave birth squatting, the baby wouldn’t fall on the floor!!

We will let you know how we get on with the birth of our first child but for now, we can’t really express how valuable the course was to us and can only say, thank you very much.


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