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Sceptics change mind

Thank you very much Katharine.
As you know, I was extremely sceptical that about hypnosis in general, I did not think it could ever work for me! After coming to your course, I realise my judgement
was only based on my ignorance of the subject and I’m really glad we followed my friend’s advice and looked into hypnobirthing which led us to you.
Both Jamie and I have really enjoyed the course and I feel I have already learnt a lot of useful skills from it that I can use straightaway. The relaxation
exercises for example have been helping me sleep more restfully since after the first session and I feel even calmer and happier about the birth of our baby- we
can’t wait!  I very often visualise the amazing moment that we’ll meet her and hold her in our arms, which is lovely.
We will definitely let you know about our personal hypnobirthing experience, soon.
Thanks again and take care.

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