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I was anxious I would be pregnant forever!

I went to bed at 2am in the early hours and woke at 9.30 with an overwhelming contraction. When 3 more followed in the next 10 minutes I knew this was it!!

So I was at 42 weeks and according to the books, was a “geriatric” mother. I was getting so anxious and depressed that I would be pregnant forever…. Actually was googling world’s longest pregnancy the night before I had my daughter.

I had woken up in transition and it was so incredibly intense… But Hypnobirthing had me in complete control. I freebirthed my 8lb baby girl I to the world 90 minutes after my 1st contraction… With just my husband in the room. These pictures are the ones my husband took immediately after the birth… Alongside a selfie I took when she was 20 mins old… Still attached to the placenta inside me and me with vernix in my hair.

Hypnobirthing was the greatest thing I ever did. I had the birth of my dreams ❤️


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