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She came calmly and has remained relaxed since

Bianca entered our recent birth photo competition ‘The Wonder of Birth’. Her birth story is here. 

I did your hypnobirthing course in Dorset with a lovely lady from Southampton, throughout my pregnancy I was never once nervous about the birth of my daughter which really helped. I started getting surges at about 6am and stayed at home until about 11am when I went and met my in laws for lunch (as had been planned a few days before) I sat In the restaurant timing my surges which were quite strong at that point and getting closer together but i was still very calm and relaxed. My husband came and met us and we went home where I spent a couple more hours, when my surges were about 2.5-3 minutes apart we headed to the hospital where they said they didn’t think I was in established labour as I was too calm and didn’t seem to be in too much pain, they examined me and I was 4.5cm, so we went for a walk and got my husband some dinner, the surges were getting much stronger and I was having to stop in my tracks to breathe when they came, I was however still able to have a laugh and dance down the corridors. When we got back we went into our birth suite and I spent some time on the ball, at that point I was 7cm. I got in the pool around then which really helped and practiced my breathing techniques, after a while I got the urge to push so started to breath down, after 2 hours of pushing my little ones heart rate was starting to drop so I got out the pool onto the bed, my little girls head was 2cm bigger than average and on the 98th percentile so had got stuck on the way out meaning the ring of fire was really strong and lasted about 15 minutes, she finally arrived in the world at 02.11am weighing 9lb 12oz and I birthed her in the way I wanted with no intervention and not even a paracetamol, she came into the world very calmly and has remained a chilled out relaxed baby ever since.

I am now pregnant with my second and very much looking forward to this birth too :)

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