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It’s helped in so many ways

Thank you again for a lovely weekend at the Waterloo Hypnobirthing course.  It was wonderful and really opened my eyes to different possibilities. I came out of it feeling a totally different person and was on a natural high for days. 

Then I  had a routine check up with a mid wife and what a difference a day made.  It was full of talk about hospitals, being ‘allowed’ to go over, but only by a certain amount of days, risk this risk that.  During the appointment I felt empowered and politely said things like ‘ surely that would be my decision’ and other things along those lines.  But I think it subconsciously affected me and I spent the whole day feeling not quite right, which escalated into sheer panic in the evening before we started to practice.  Basically I had a wobble and it really hit home how traumatised I was after my first. 

However, a very supportive partner calmed me down and I’m back on track now.  We’ve been practising well and I find that in general I sleep better too! 

It’s helped in so many ways, particularly the reference to ‘just a housewife’.  I moved from the Midlands for us all to be a family and had to leave my full time job.  So to suddenly find myself not working at all was tough.  It was words like ‘just’ that destroyed my confidence, but now this course has really helped me focus on the positives in life.  Even my daughter is involved, helping me with breathing during practice surges etc.  Its really lovely. 

Confidence in my ability is a major thing I’m working on using Hypnobirthing techniques and I’m sure I will be fine.  We shall keep you informed on how things go.  This weekend will be spent figuring out all our decisions and what we want from our experience, ready to take to the consultant. 

The most amusing thing to come out of the course is saying ‘I have no idea’ when people ask my due date!

Thanks again

Kind Regards

Karla and Rory

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