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What an amazing experience

Dear Katharine,

My husband and I attended your two day Hypnobirthing workshop at Triyoga in Primrose Hill last month. Our first baby, Lucy Anne, arrived on 6th April & I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience we had and to say thank you for what you taught us.

I was sceptical about Hypnobirthing but so anxious & scared about the prospect of labour (even to the point of considering an elective caesarean at one stage), that I decided to give it a try. I had also heard very positive things from friends & colleagues. We found the relaxations & breathing techniques to be very effective and I practised these lots, together with perineal massage & positive thinking. On the day my surges came strong and regular from the outset. I had planned a hospital birth at Chelsea & Westminster but we stayed at home for as long as possible as we felt calm using the breathing and massage/light touch you taught us. By the time we got to the hospital I was 5cm dilated. The midwife paid close attention to my birth plan and was wonderful at letting us get on with things ourselves with minimal input from her. We used the birthing pool which I found wonderfully relaxing and that’s where Lucy was born. In all, my labour was 4 hours long, we used no pain relief other than the warm water of the pool and I felt calm and in control throughout.

Now when I look back on the whole experience I feel such joy and elation, it really was amazing and I can’t believe we had the labour we wished for. I’m still not sure how Hypnobirthing worked, but I’m certain it made a big difference!

Very many thanks for all your help at the workshop, we have been advocating your methods very enthusiastically to all our friends & family & will continue to do so!

Kind regards,


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