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Lucy, Oliver and Owens birthing story

“I just wanted to let you know that on the 29th June (one week early) Oliver and I became the very proud parents of a little baby boy, we have named Owen.

I got my first surge at 2am but it just felt like a bit of a back ache. By 5am my surges were well established, so we called the midwife, who asked if the pain was manageable. When I told her I was in no pain she told us that, as this was my first baby, they would call around 7am to see if things had progressed. I walked about the house and continued to do my visualisations through each surge.
I got in the bath at around 5.30am and got a very strong urge to push. Oliver called the midwife at 5.45am to tell them that I wanted to push, and they said they would be on their way over. At around 6.00am a student midwife arrived saying that the midwife was just parking. I told her that I thought he was on his way, but I don’t think she believed me until she saw that Owen’s head was on its way out. Panicking she made Olly run for the midwife. We moved to the bedroom where I wanted to give birth, and he arrived 27 minutes later.

I am so pleased Olly and I chose to use HypnoBirthing! I had a very short pain-free labour, and I look back on the whole thing as the best experience I have ever had… I was so scared when we first found out I was pregnant (despite the fact that Owen was planned) as I really did not think I would be able to get through what I was told would be a really painful experience. Thanks to your course I can’t wait to have the next one. I have to thank Oliver for using the tools we learnt over the two weekends as he kept me grounded and focused.

For just under two weeks we had a very happy and content little man, but unfortunately at ten days he became very ill and, after a trip to West Mid A & E, we were admitted and then transferred to Chelsea and Westminster. Just a few short hours later, Owen went into surgery at 2am to correct a seriously twisted bowel… We were told that he may not survive, depending on what they found during the op, or that he may have to have a section removed.

Great news arrived at 4.30am when the surgeon came into tell us that they had untwisted the bowl and that it instantly began to recover. The best outcome we could have all wished for. He spent two days in ITCU, coming off his ventilator a day early, seven days in HDU, taking food four days before they predicted, and then one day in SCBU, going back to breastfeeding early. We were told that it could take two weeks for his tummy to be fit enough to take food. Owen managed it in just four days!

The surgeon and doctors put his exceptional recovery down to the fact that he had a really stress free birth and a lovely ten days at home.

Back at home everything has returned to normal, and we are looking forward to all of Owen’s firsts, and using HypnoBirthing for his brother or sister in the near future.

Thanks so much. I have already recommended HypnoBirthing and your course to a neighbour!”

Lucy, Twickenham

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