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Steffis birthing account

We have had our little baby boy. Daniel Philip was born on Saturday at 6.00am – 7lbs 10z

Katharine, we wanted to send you a very special, huge thank you to you for everything you have done for us, taught us, and assisted us with. We would have never done it this way without your HypnoBirthing class. It gave us the confidence to go through the breech birth naturally, without any epidural (just a bit of gas and air), no tearing, no cutting, no stress for the baby.


My waters broke around 2300hrs. When we arrived in hospital at 01.00hrs and had our first internal examination I was nearly 5cms dilated – 3 hours later 8cms – another hour 9cms – and he was born at 0600am. As he was breech they had to keep a close eye on his heart beat and at no point did his heart rate vary from a healthy beat.

Again we were only able to keep it so relaxed because of all the breathing and relaxing techniques you taught us. William was amazing, and having attended the course he was able to play a vital role throughout the entire birth.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME!!!!!! And still can’t quite believe that we now have a baby in the house.

Steffi, Bath

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