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Our Wonderful Birth

Dear Katharine,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful course, and let you know that hypnobirthing transformed an apprehensive experience into one that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Little Layla Rose was born on the 15th of March at St Marys birthing centre 3 hours after checking in- what was the point really?!

I has a slow and steady pre labour over a 24 hour period, of which I used your relaxation techniques and visualisations, and did alot of walking, resting, and talking!! I was very excited, but remained calm, focused and confident. I was determined to stay at home for as long as possible, and in hindsight, could have just as easily stayed at home for the whole experience. (As it was, I left the birthing center 10 hours after giving birth.)

Upon arrival at the center, I hoped straight into the water, and continued as I had at home. I must admit that your voice wafted into my head on several occasions, with the afirmation “breath in relaxation and calmness” being very strong in my mind. It worked to the point that I had a cup of tea in the pool with my husband and the mid wife in between surges!! Layla was born three hours later with my waters in tact, which the midwife said was a testamony to my calmness.

I did put a large amount of effort into the practice I did at home, listening to your CD, and reading allowed my affirmations, every day for 2 and a half months without fail. As a direct result, I not only had the birth that I wanted, I had the perfect birth. I can not thank you enough, and will be sure to let anyone I ever meet who is pregnant know that the > mind is the most powerful tool in the body, and if you use it to your advantage, anything is possible.

Warmest regards,
Amy (and Martin & Layla)

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