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Unlocking a Big Secret

I gave birth in March using the techniques you taught me.  The whole experience was utterly amazing. I hired a private midwife and had my baby at home.  I managed the labour on my own without giving a thought to pain relief, in silence, and for the most part pretty motionless. My midwife said she had never witnessed Hypnobirthing working so successfully. 

I sat for 2 hours on a foot stool and dilated to 10cms in an almost euphoric state. I had to keep telling my husband and my midwife I was contracting as apparently I was just breathing and smiling with my eyes closed all the time.  It felt as if I had just unlocked a big secret and it really was so easy to just let things flow.  After 6 or 7 hours my baby was born under water in a birthing pool in my lounge.

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