The nurses couldn’t believe how calm I was

I’m finally sitting down to write this email. I gave birth to Jack on Thursday, September 5th at 4:54pm. I was told it was a beautiful birth by the nurses who were in the room and my husband. I honestly don’t remember much of it as I kept my ear phones in playing the KGH relaxations the entire time. 

I went into early labour at home on Wednesday night September 4th around 11pm.

I came downstairs, lit some candles and sat on my birthing ball. I played the relaxations over and over again. I did my up breathing through the contractions. Around midnight I woke my husband up to start timing them at that point they were staggering at about 3-5 minutes apart. We called the hospital and they told us to come in. 

When we got there I was shocked to hear I was already 4cm dilated considering that same day I was only 1cm and hadn’t progressed in over two weeks. 

Kathryn 2They allowed me to start labouring. I felt the surges getting more and more powerful, a few hours went by and I was in full relaxation as I approached some intense surges the hospital brought in some students to review pain management options. I opted for the epidural. When they examined me I was already 7.5cm. The nurses were shocked saying they couldn’t believe how calm I was at that dilation. Most patient request the epidural much sooner. 

I will say the epidural did wear off at the end. I was able to feel the surges and for the pushes I could feel my entire body and had to dig deep within to find that strength.  Jack decided he wanted to invert at the last minute and crown for a while. I remember it being very powerful, but my husband said I was talking and deeply breathing through it. 

Jack came out exactly as I asked, healthy, alert and happy! His eyes have been open ever since. People remark at how relaxed he is as a newborn. I attribute it all to KGH. 

After delivery, I asked when I’d have to deliver the placenta and the doctor said it already came out! 

Jack was an 8lb baby. I am a very small person, I only had a first degree tear. The nurses all asked me what I did. I truly believe it was all KGH. 

When I got down to the recovery floor my nurse said she had heard about my beautiful birth from the nurses upstairs. She asked me what I did I told her and she wrote it down saying ,’I’m using that someday when I get pregnant and telling my patients about it!’ 

Thank you so much for everything! 

Kathryn, Sean and Jack

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