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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for giving me the tools to have an incredible birth. I went into pregnancy with anxiety and fear to the point of never thinking I would have children due to the fear I have always had of pregnancy and childbirth. I discovered hypnobirthing at around 16 weeks and attended a course in Stamford by Clare Fane at the hypnobirth company who had been trained by you. The course and tools provided along with your book and audios gave myself and my husband the knowledge and power to challenge the norms of pregnancy and labour that society has come to favour and also allowed my husband to play a fully active role. I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy and to be honest I also really enjoyed my labour!! Yes it was intense at times but nothing that the mind and body cannot manage and what a beautiful experience to letting go to your body and allowing it to do what nature intended…

deborah 3…my surges started at 4am on the morning of my birthday on the 4th of February and Arabella arrived into the world at 2.32am the following day. I laboured at home until 1pm in the bath listening to your audios and was in such a trance by the time we took the 1hr 15min journey to the Rosie Birthing Centre in Cambridge where I carried on my labour in a birthing pool, declining all Internal examinations until my body was ready to deliver. I was respected and supported by my Midwife’s in my decisions at all times. They were incredible in their care. Hypnobirthing provided me with the confidence to transfer my care to the Rosie at 38 weeks rather than use our local hospital, it also provided me with the confidence that I was the decision maker in my care and felt comfortable in declining sweeps and inductions as I got closer to 42 weeks. Arabella was born at 40weeks + 10days and I spent a lot of energy in the final weeks having to justify why I was not being led by a fictional due date. Thanks to you and Ina May’s books I felt fully informed in my decisions and developed a belief that birth was powerful but so was I! I used only gas and air and a tens machine for the final few hours and delivered beautiful Arabella without the need for any intervention. A few stitches were needed but nothing serious. Most importantly my baby girl was born happy and content. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and allowing me a birth that dreams are made of Deborah xxx

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