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Wonderful Water Birth

I attended your hypnobirthing class one weekend at St Thomas’. I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful water birth at UCLH where everything went very well.

Ask my waters broke prior to contractions, we had to go to the hospital. As my blood pressure was a little high (they mentioned induction!) they said they’d like to keep me in overnight until contractions started. Mark and I felt confident enough (after we’d assessed that there would be no harm to our baby) to make clear we wished to go home.

We were permitted to do so and when we returned to the hospital, approximately 10 hours later, I was 6cm dialated with strong contractions (the midwife examining said prior to exam she suspected I was only 1cm or so!) and was transferred to the waterbirthing suite and Mark and I had Crystal about 5 hours later. The midwives were wonderful (once at the birthing suite) although they may have gotten sick of listening to your CD on repeat!

It was a lovely birth and all of the midwives commented on my calmness. Indeed, the nurses came into my bed when I was transferred to the ward and said “I heard it was a really wonderful birth!” There was also no stitches- I religiously did my massage! Thank you for your assistance- it was wonderfully helpful. 


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