The Hypnobirthing Partner Cheat Sheet

What do you as a partner need to know about hypnobirthing?

What is it?

  • KGHypnobirthing is a complete evidence-based, common sense antenatal training programme
  • It is simple, logical and profound
  • It works by releasing fear and building confidence
  • You may be surprised at the relevance, breadth and depth of the course

What does it involve?

  • Gives you the knowledge to navigate the system in which you find yourself
  • Builds confidence so you and your partner look forward positively to the birth of your baby
  • Gives you the right questions to ask to make sure you get the best pregnancy care
  • Helps you to be in a calm state of mind for the birth
  • Practising relaxation techniques –clearly defined and only takes 10 minutes a day
  • Puts you in control so you can give the birthing mum the best possible support

What do I do during pregnancy?

  • Attend the course sessions with your partner
  • Listen to the relaxation audios together
  • Read a daily relaxation script to your partner – you will find you benefit too
  • Encourage each other by displaying positive statements around your home
  • Send her positive messages – help her enjoy this very special time
  • Nurture your partner and spend time together
  • Suggest gentle activities in the days before baby is born

What do I do during the birth?

  • Communicate what you both want for birth and post-birth
  • Support your partner’s instincts for her labour
  • Protect your partner’s space and limit disturbances
  • Help her to stay relaxed – playing / reading affirmations
  • Look after her – provide food, drink and use all the practical tips you have learnt on the KGHypnobirthing course
  • Stroke her back gently
  • Be there for her

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