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Hypnobirthing Fathers and Partners

The Partner’s Guide to Hypnobirthing
Finding out that your partner is pregnant is exciting and a wonderful celebration. You want to support her in every way you can and find out the best way to do it. Here’s how you can find good quality pregnancy information to help you make the best choices together in the coming weeks and months…
Supporting your pregnant partner
Have you just found out that your partner is pregnant and not sure how to support her? As she is the one growing the baby, it can seem like you are peripheral to this amazing event – not true. There are many ways you can make the next weeks and months set the tone for the beginning of your parent…
The Hypnobirthing Partner Cheat Sheet
What do you as a partner need to know about hypnobirthing? What is it? KGHypnobirthing is a complete evidence-based, common sense antenatal training programme It is simple, logical and profound It works by releasing fear and building confidence You may be surprised at the relevance, breadth and …
The Reluctant Hypnobirthing Birth Partner
Congratulations, you have found hypnobirthing and are really excited about how it will have the power to transform your birth experience. But are you struggling to convince your partner this is the right way to go? Do any of these statements sound familiar? “Meditation and hypnotherapy is not r…
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