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Homebirth – study supports planned home birth as the safest place to give birth
Background: This study did a systematic analysis of data on birth outcomes comparing planned births at hospital, birth centres and home for healthy pregnant women with a straightforward pregnancy. Historically, studies in this area have shown both better and poorer outcomes, however inconsistent …
Homebirth Questions
What can you tell me about homebirth? Homebirth was the accepted way to give birth before childbirth became increasingly medicalised.  This is slowly changing, with homebirths on the increase and midwives will often suggest and even encourage normal healthy women to consider this as an option to…
Where to give birth – Observations by Katharine Graves
More often than not, the automatic choice for most women is to give birth in a birth centre. They think they are getting the best of both worlds; it is less medicalised than a delivery ward but doesn’t have the perceived risks of giving birth at home.   At home you get one-to-one care often from …
Homebirth Statistics – Kingston Homebirth Team
I’m absolutely delighted to see the results coming from the Kingston homebirth team where we have trained Kingston midwives in KGHypnobirthing.  When I teach KGH to mums, one of their big worries if they choose to give birth at home is, “What if we need to transfer?” These figures will put their…
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