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Are You Tricking Yourself Into Thinking About Birth Negatively?

When you become pregnant, it’s easy to feel as though the world is suddenly dictating to you the worst possible scenario for every event. A quick look online can bring up all manner of non-ideal situations regarding pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Add to that every check-up where you’ll be told what needs to be accounted for, what they need to check for and with every difficulty you may encounter being examined and documented until you lose faith in your own body’s ability.

A Culture of Anxious First-Time-Mothers and Fathers

We live in a world where the fear of birth is at an all-time high for both men and women and self-confidence appears to be incredibly low. I see women who have given up on the idea of having a birth that they have control over and especially given up the idea that the experience can be anything less than an ordeal. With so much information thrown at them and so many horror stories that are easily within reach, is it any wonder that so many new parents look upon their due date with apprehension? Every element of the pregnancy and birth seems simply out of their control.

Take, for example, the nature of how women are informed of how far they have dilated. It’s inarguable that knowing whether you’re 2cm dilated or 9cm won’t move along the birthing any faster, all it does is make the woman incredibly aware of a goal that she needs to push towards but can’t do anything about. Of course, if a woman enquires then that is another matter altogether but the desire to put a number on when she is ready rather than letting her body inform her is a simple way that power is (inadvertently) taken away from a mother.

Giving You Some Control and Confidence During Your Birth

Is it any wonder then that expectant parents are so anxious about giving birth when they feel they have so little control? For too long it has been assumed that hospitals are best for even low-risk pregnancies simply because they seem more “medical” and “technical”. This gives the strange impression that birth is like a disease: best dealt with by professionals in a sterile setting that inherently causes discomfort to many. But birth needn’t be an unbearable ordeal, nor does birth itself need to be a terrible thing that happens to you, thanks to simple relaxation and control exercises. HypnoBirthing not only encourages expectant mothers and fathers to practise calming techniques that will improve the quality of the pregnancy for the mother and baby but also helps you create the best environment. Learning about excellent nutrition rather than simply barring you from large sections of food and informing you on how to trust in yourself and your ability to give birth are just some of the lessons provided.

Teaching those expecting that they can create the best state of mind for pregnancy and birth, giving them the tools to approach birth as a positive experience is what HypnoBirthing focuses on the most. Whilst it can’t promise a painless birth, you just have to look at the testimonials from mothers who tried HypnoBirthing to realise that it is the gift of confidence and a feeling of control that are the most important elements they have taken from their experience. A birth can be a wonderful experience, pain-free or otherwise, and tuning out from the culture of horror stories and TV shows depicting screaming women can help you look positively towards the big day.

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