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Baby Brain No More!

That is what scientist have recently been claiming, the popular misconception of a women’s brain turning to mush during motherhood has been disproven.  In fact our grey matter increases in size.

Research carried out in America included scanning the brains of new Mothers at periodic times after they had given birth.  Comparisons from two to four weeks to three to four months showed a significant increase in certain parts of the brain.  Women who were more excited and gushing about their child showed a greater increase in brain size.

It is unusual to see this type of change in brain size without other factors being involved, but suggested reasons include the hormone levels and the new challenges Motherhood presents being factors that lead to this change.

Dr Craig Kinsley and Dr Elizabeth Meyer speculated that the protective nature to care for a child may be the response of this brain building.

Whilst this was only a small study many interesting questions have been raised.

What about during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy many women complain of short term memory loss and can get quite frustrated at this time in the work and home enviroment.  Again this may be down to hormones and the many changes that are going on with your body.  Here are a few tips to help keep your mind and body in top form during this exciting period:

  • Sleep – make sure you are having sufficient sleep, your body needs to sleep more during pregnancy
  • Nutrition – your diet, eat a good variety of freshly cooked meals.  Talk to you Doctor about supplements that may help you during pregnancy
  • Fluids – make sure you drink enough, dehydration can play havoc with your system
  • Exercise – gentle exercise such as walking and swimming will keep your circulation flowing and keep you mentally alert.

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