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Suzanne Shaw: After my birth I wanted to jump into my own bed and have a cup of tea.

In the second interview with Katharine Graves, Suzanne Shaw talks about her decision to have a homebirth and how hypnobirthing empowered her to make that decision.

Suzanne Shaw on her homebirth: “After my birth I wanted to jump into my own bed, have a cup of tea and some jam and toast and watch TV. And that is what I did”

“I was always going to go to hospital, I felt safe there and thought that is what you should do. I think it was an assumption it would be safer, if anything goes wrong it is all there."

“You’re not informed about the benefits of homebirth at all. A women wants to be in her own environment in a safe place to be able to have the best possible labour. And you’re not educated on that, you are not given that information.”

“It was just a brilliant experience. I will always look at this kitchen and go ‘this is where Raffi was born.’ I think it was the best possible place to have a child. And the NHS are really encouraging you to have your children at home.”

“I had the pool up and I could jump in and out of it, I didn’t have anyone else distracting me, I wasn’t hearing other people going into labour, I had the music on, I had the lighting how I wanted it. My Mum was hear as well and we had a great bonding experience. Before I got into the pool we watched about four movies that day. Then I jumped into the pool and when I went into active labour that is when I put all my hypnobirthing CDs on.”

“I said goodnight to my son and he went off to bed and he woke up to a little brother.”

“I had two independent midwives Virginia and Jackie and they were absolutely fantastic.  That continuity brings safety, if something happens, that midwife knows your body and knows exactly how you have been developing during your pregnancy and that all helps.”

“Also I felt comfortable, it is a really private and intimate thing birth. Last time I had four different midwives examine me. In the end my pride has completely gone out the window. It was a very intrusive experience. Having the same person and getting to know them made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

“You don’t want the interference, that is one thing I learnt with hypnobirthing.”

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