A lot more positive about everything

Hi Katharine,

Thanks for your message. I was set to email you yesterday anyway to thank you for somehow working your magic on my recalcitrant partner!

As you could see, I did finally manage to get him to come along, but only after gentle persuasion and kind understanding  gave way to me losing my rag and shouting and insisting, which didn’t make for a fun start to the day for anyone. Even as we were waiting for the bus and my other birth partner was trying to persuade him that he should approach it with an open mind and be prepared to experience something new and exciting, he was adamant that it was ‘fashionable nonsense’ for ‘middle class tossers’ etc. and seemed to be very closed to the idea that what we were going to do would be in any way helpful.

So you can imagine how amazed we were that he actually at some point stopped scowling and started seeming to listen and take things in. To be honest, I think you can take all the credit. You completely won him over with your practical no-nonsense approach and he expressed great admiration and respect for you as a person (not something which is easily won from him, frankly).

I also wondered if you had done some space clearing work in the room before we arrived? I really felt the minute we came in the room that there was an almost palpable sense of calm and relaxation and wellbeing. This was in great contrast for me with the previous week, when I’d just felt anxious and tearful and miserable for the entire day.

Anyway, when we got home in the evening I was completely astonished to hear him say that he felt the day had been “life changing”! He is not generally given to such effusive pronouncements. Since we’ve done the course he has generally seemed to be a lot more positive about everything, and a big change has somehow taken place. 

So, I shall keep up the relaxation practicing. 

Any more advice you can give me about ways to relax and get the most from this would be gratefully received. 



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